Price List Of House Interior Design

  • Friday, 08/11/2019, 13:39 GMT+7

    Nowadays, the more the living demand is improved, the more the life quality is concerned. A  house with beautiful design and reasonable space not only helps homeowners feel relaxed and comfortable, but also expresses the lifestyle, conception, creativity and artistic knowledge of the homeowner.

    In addition to providing the lump sum interior design price list, TPhome would like to send you the information about the interior design price list of house as follows:


    Price list of common townhouse interior design in m2

    - Townhouse interior design with area < 300m2: $8.2/m2

    - Townhouse interior design with area from 300m2 – 500m2: $7.8/m2

    - Townhouse interior design with area > 500m2: $7.4/m2

    Price list of special and advanced townhouse interior design in m2

    - Advanced townhouse interior design with area < 300m2: $10.4/m2

    - Advanced townhouse interior design with area from 300m2 – 500m2: $10/m2

    - Advanced townhouse interior design with area > 500m2: VND $9.6/m2



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    Normally, we shall base on the level of sophistication of the villa, and also design demand of homeowner to issue the detailed cost list.

    Below is the general interior design price list for works: Apartment, Office, Townhouse, Villa, etc.




    Why should you choose TPhome as an interior design & construction unit? 

    Safe “green” design criteria:

    Most interior designs provided by TPhome always ensure: Green and Beautiful criterion Because we want to bring the best value to our customers, it is not only a beautiful living space, but also a good living space. Therefore, the trend of “green design” is one of the indispensable highlights, we wish to bring health benefits to our customers.


    TPhome’s application of technology to monitoring the progress of works/ projects:

    By taking advantage of technology platform, we develop application to monitor the design & construction progress to help customers check & interact more easily with TPhome.


    Easily exchange and track work progress with project management software of TPhome.


    Utilities of this online application for customers:

    - Keep track of the working progress of the design team, construction team.

    - Details of working time, job status, completion time, working progress.

    - Via this application, customers may exchange specific work on design and construction items.

    - Assess the quality of products, support services and make suggestions directly on the system of TPhome.

    - Request warranty/ maintenance directly on the application.


    TPhome always focuses on the core values:

    By considering the “DEVOTION” as the foundation, we understand and believe that a perfect project is a combination of professional capacity and devotion to customers.

    TPHOME takes customer satisfaction as a measure of success. All activities of the company are always customer-centric and we put the interests and desires of the customer first.

    Please refer to below website for contact information. Our professional and dedicated staff are always ready to serve you, please don’t hesitate to contact us for immediately free advice.

    Please leave your information in the design consultancy registration form below, TPhome Furniture will contact and discuss you as soon as possible: