Interior Design Cost

With our modern and distinct design style, we commit to satisfy all customers. TPhome owns a team of highly qualified Architects, giving free advice on interior design before commencing the contract. This shall give customers peace of mind before embarking on implementing the dream of their ideal house.



TPhome hereby sends customers the most detailed price list of apartment interior design, townhouse design, villa design, applied until December 2020.
This unit price is also applied to customers who want to design the interior of the living room, kitchen, bedroom, cafe, showroom office, etc.


TPhome is one of the units whose interior design prices of apartments, townhouses, villas, etc. may be considered as the cheapest one within HCMC.

In case you want to have the detailed price list of your apartment, please contact us, our staff shall give you completely free advance.



1.  Meeting and giving design advice based on customer's needs

Our consulting team shall discuss directly with customers, or via indirect channels such as email, phone, facebook, fanpage, etc. to determine the actual needs of customers about the area of the premises, design needs, preliminary ideas and design quotation.


Conduct a survey of the current status of the premises, measure the dimensions of the rooms, determine the availability to carry out idea of drawing design.


2. Preparing ideas for 2D layout

Based on customer's needs and current status of work, TPhome design team shall implement the idea of 2D layout.

In the process of designing a 2D layout, customers shall be required to revise the design many times to reach their satisfaction, then proceed with the third step.


3. Presentation of 3D perspective.

When the customer and TPhome have agreed on a preliminary design plan, the two parties shall confirm in writing to finish the 2D design phase. From this 2D design drawing, in combination with the desire of customer, the Architect team shall create a complete and timely 3D interior design drawing.

TPhome support 50% design fee when customer choose us as the whole interior construction unit.


4.  Construction and Installation.

Conduct the signing of construction contracts and necessary terms for construction between the two parties, TPhome design and construction unit of and the customer (the owner).

Customer may review and request to correct incorrect or unclear details (if any). The work shall start right after signing the contract.

In order to deploy drawings, TPhome proceeds to manufacture furniture at the factory, install in accordance with the contract items. Completion time depends on the scale and structure of work.


5. Handover of work

When completing the construction according to the drawing, the two parties shall carry out inspection and acceptance to hand over the work. If the interior construction process is completed faster or later than expected time stated in the contract, TPhome shall notify customers to discuss in detail.

In addition, customers may easily check and monitor the project progress on online project management application provided by TPhome when signing the contract.

6. Product warranty & maintenance

TPhome is always leading in applying software for project progress management as well as monitoring warranty & customer care. Information about the warranty period of products, suggestions, warranty/ maintenance requirements of customers shall be recorded on the software system and sent to the responsible departments in a timely manner.




Utilities of this online application for customers:

- Keep track of the working progress of the design team, construction team.

- Details of working time, job status, completion time, working progress, etc.

- Via this application, customers may exchange specific work on design and construction items.

- Assess the quality of products, support services and make suggestions directly on the system of TPhome.

- Request warranty/ maintenance directly on the application.


TPhome - Devoted to improve your living space

The benefit of customer is always top priority at TPhome, so we issue strict, specific working processes to ensure time and quality of work. TPhome shall always be a reliable address for customers in the design and construction of furniture.



If you have needs in interior design of apartments, offices, townhouses, villas, etc., please contact TPhome.

Our professional team shall be always ready to serve customers, please call the hotline 0853.010.010 for free advice


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