Price List For Design Of Luxury Villa

  • Friday, 08/11/2019, 14:34 GMT+7

    Villa is not only a living space, but also a project with full utilities, quiet living environment separated from other housing segments. Moreover, villa is also a symbol of the level of the homeowner. Reasonable, scientific and aesthetic design and construction which both ensures the privacy and shows the level as the purpose of all homeowners.



    TPhome is proud to be a prestigious unit in interior design and construction, trusted by many customers in designing and constructing interior of villas in Ho Chi Minh City in particular and the Southern region in general.

    We commit to the quality and aesthetics of a sustainable and complete living environment to our customers. Not only improving the luxurious and sophisticated living space consistent with the style and personality of each member of the family, TPhome also researches in detail the green spaces, harmonizing the room space both modern and close to nature, bringing a healthy living environment for everyone.

    In addition to providing price list of lump sum interior design of apartments, interior design of townhouse. TPhome hereby send you the information about the price list of interior design of villa as follows:


    Latest price list for modern villa design

    * Price list of interior design of common modern villas in m2

    - Interior design of modern villas with an area < 300m2: $9.6/m2

    Interior design of modern villas with an area <300m2 – 500m2: $9.1/m2

    - Interior design of modern villas with an area > 500m2: VND $8.2/m2


    * Price list of classic & neoclassic in m2

    - Interior design of special and advanced villas with area < 300m2: $11.7/m2

    - Interior design of special and advanced villas with area from 300m2 – 500m2: $11.3/m2

    - Interior design of special and advanced villas with area >500m2: VND $10.4/m2


    Contact Hotline: 0853.010.010 for support about this promotion.

    Normally, we shall base on the level of sophistication of villa, and design demand of homeowner to issue the –detailed cost list.

    Therefore, , if you want to make the accurate cost plan for your luxury villa, please contact us, our professional team is always on the hotline to support you and promptly be present to survey and give you the most detailed & accurate interior design price list.




    In addition to the price list of villas interior design listed by TPhome above, we also would like to provide you with the latest price list of interior design of the apartments and townhouses.


    TPhome’s application of technology to monitoring the progress of works/ projects:

    By taking advantage of technology platform, we develop application to monitor the design & construction progress to help customers check & interact more easily with TPhome.



    Easily exchange and track work progress with project management software of TPhome.


    Utilities of this online application for customers:

    - Keep track of the working progress of the design team, construction team.

    - Details of working time, job status, completion time, working progress.

    - Via this application, customers may exchange specific work on design and construction items.

    - Assess the quality of products, support services and make suggestions directly on the system of TPhome.

    - Request warranty/ maintenance directly on the application.


    TPhome - Not only devoted

    We are not only devoted but also understand that the product satisfying the heart of the customer is the product with the mark of intelligence & creativity. By smart working processes, daring to change and constantly applying new technology for product quality management, we have been satisfied the most “fastidious” customers on the standards of assessing the service quality.




    With the foundation of “Devotion”, TPhome's competitive weapon is “PRESTIGE”. We always make effort to strictly comply with the commitments with the customers, especially the commitments on quality and progress of construction. We protect the “PRESTIGE” as protecting our honor.

    Please refer to below website for contact information. Our professional and dedicated staff are always ready to support you, please don’t hesitate to contact us for immediately free advice.

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