Design of apartments for rent: modern trend, raising the value of the rental

  • Friday, 08/11/2019, 16:33 GMT+7

    Life is growing fast with increasing demand of living, instead of choosing damp accommodation, the work officers tend to move to apartments which may ensure airy, clean and spacious living and working space provided with all facilities and affordable price.

    By understanding such demand, the designs of apartments for rent have been developed in order to address the right issues for homeowners: optimizing interior design costs, optimizing interior construction costs and interior quality over time, duration to recover the budget for interior design and construction.

    And if you are planning to invest in an apartment for rent, you definitely need to refer to this article of TPhome, we hope the following information may help you make the right decision about the rental plan of your apartment.


    Issues to be solved:

    1. Should you rent an empty or furnished house?

    2. Should you yourself design your apartment or hire lump sum interior design and construction unit?

    3. What is the trend for design of apartments for rent?

    4. Misunderstanding in interior design.

    5. Cost savings in interior construction and design of apartments for rent.


    1. Should you rent an empty or furnished house?

    According to habit of lessee with an empty house, normally, they shall “re-design” their living space to comfortably live and work. They shall “drill the wall”; “screw”, after a while, you shall no longer realize that it is your apartment, and not to mention that they unfortunately drill, nail, screw into places where water or electricity lines are located, then it is really difficult for both lessee and lessor.


    So, shall you choose an empty or a house with full furniture for rent?


    Regarding finance, TPhome shall use real examples to help you easily image:

    + 2-bedrooms apartment (empty house) in Vinhomes Central Park for rent at $700/ month

    + The same area but invested in fully designed furniture of about 80 million, lessee only bring suitcases to apartment and stay there – rental >= $ 1000/ month.


    After 2 actual cases, when the apartment is invested properly from the beginning, the profit shall increase by about 35% - 40% of the monthly rent with only an investment of about 80 million for the design cost.

    It is clear that with a reasonable initial investment, homeowner shall recover the capital for interior design from only 9-12 months, thereby it also helps to increase the rate of rental profit per month greatly.

    In addition, when finishing a certain lease, the homeowner shall not spend much time on repairing the house because the interior has been arranged from the beginning. If the rental is made without furniture, "cleaning rubbish" of the previous lessee shall be extremely difficult, not to mention they may damage the structure of your house by the gouges in the wall.


    2. Should you yourself design your apartment or hire lump sum interior design and construction unit?

    This is probably the issue that makes homeowners think the most. If you design it yourself, it would be flawed, but if you hire a design unit, it must be very costly. Therefore, TPhome shall in turn answer the homeowners’ problems as follows:



    By designing yourself, the homeowner shall save significant cost. But buying furniture also brings a lot of limitations.

    Firstly, you have to spend a lot of effort to learn the available designs, then you have to learn each table, each chair, sample of wallpaper, curtains, bookshelf design, etc. All these problem of the apartment is enough to make you become more stressed than ever. Not to mention if you are “amateur” in layout, interior arrangement, your apartment shall face serious problems of aesthetics, less sophistication, which may not synchronize the space together.



    You have to find the construction workshops that ensure quality and price, if you are not in the industry, the “rush” of the furniture is a normal occurrence with buyers.


    Hire lump sum interior design and construction unit?



    With this option, it is definitely more expensive than “buying yourself” as stated above. However, you may obtain the following advantages:


    Colours and design style of the apartment are homogeneous.

    Furniture items will be “tailor-made” to fit the size of each apartment.

    Furniture prices are listed transparently and accurately, avoiding the situation of “mistaken purchase” in retail shop.

    The apartment function is thoroughly optimized. Space is also linked in sync, helping to enjoy the comfort of living space.

    Making an impression from the beginning to the lessee due to the aesthetics.

    Providing the customers with the convenience of renting houses, not adding screws on the walls to break the structure of the apartment.

    Minimizing costs incurred during the construction and installation process.

    Increasing the value of apartments by high aesthetics, thereby helping to increase the rental value of homeowner compared to the beginning.


    Lump sum Design and Construction of apartment: including design drawings & interior construction.

    Firstly, the architect shall survey the status of the apartment of the customer then receive information from customers, exchange and suggest more ideas about the design or planning of the apartment space. After that, we shall follow the process to create a 2D drawing of space and function, create an official 3D drawing for customers to image the designed apartment.


    The architect shall make detailed 3D design option so that customers may better understand the apartment design idea.


    After finalizing the design options with customers, the Architect shall send the size and colour details of the items to the furniture manufacturing factory. Finally, the process of construction, installation and supervision takes place.


    After the 3D design phase, we shall proceed with the phase of production - construction – installation.


    With this selection, customers shall be assured of assigning full responsibility to lump sum design and construction unit. In addition to paying for interior construction & installation, customers also have to pay additional costs to design apartments.

    TPhome support 50% design fee when customer choose us as the whole interior construction unit.


    3. What is the trend for design of apartments for rent?

    Modern, minimalist and fully functional design is always the trend of choice.

    The reason that the apartment for rent must follow this design style is due to the versatility and simplicity of the interior. Despite of the simple, less complicated and sophisticated design, it meets the aesthetics and usability, thereby helps you to save the maximum cost of furniture.



    Selecting interior materials

    The materials for apartment design should not be too expensive, the important thing is to ensure the elegance, sophistication and less wear and tear.

    > Wooden furniture:

    Today, most apartments  are designed with industrial wood products due to their reasonable price, diverse colours and styles, easy to produce.

    - MDF or MDF (moisture resistant): this is the most popular choice for modern apartment designs today, because of its durability, aesthetics, variety of colours, and suitable cost for a product that may be used for 10 to 15 years.

    Gỗ MDF được tin dùng bởi tính đa dạng và độ bền bỉ, được dùng nhiều trong các thiết kế căn hộ hiện đại


    - MFC: the first choice for interior design of apartments for rent, because the price of MFC is only 70% of that of MDF, but the design, aesthetics, colours and diversity are as good as MDF. Under normal apartment conditions, the MFC product may be used for a maximum of 7-10 years.


    MFC is the top choice in the design of apartments for rent because of its reasonable price and diverse colors.


    => This is an appropriate choice for customers with low budgets who want to renovate their apartment space for rent.


    > Other decorative items:

    Wallpaper, curtains: there are many materials and designs for customers to choose, the important thing is to harmonize living space, bring a warm, satisfied feeling to the lessee.

    Sofa, sofa table: No need to be expensive, simple and modern style is the inevitable trend today.


    4. Misunderstanding in interior design


    Taking advantage of old furniture: Many people have the habit or make use of the remaining items in the house, the habit of taking advantage of old things is not bad, but if you do not take advantage of it well in new space, it shall create the staginess. So the advice is that if you are not expert, it is best not to take advantage of old furniture to decorate.

    Influenced by many sources of opinion: You might have heard “So many men, so many minds”. It is the same in this situation. Referring the opinions of relatives and friends is good, but if being affected too much, it shall make you confused. So please listen to and share with the experts and they shall give you the right view than ever.

    Buy whatever you like: In the field of interior design, if you buy whatever you like, your living space shall become disturbed, less sophisticated. It is best to buy items that have been agreed upon according to the original design idea.

    Cheapest interior design company: Although the cheapest is not always the dearest, homeowner should be careful with surprisingly cheap price list. The material structure of items may be altered, reducing the quality that may not be seen by their appearance.


    5. Cost savings in interior construction and design of apartments for rent.

    Before meeting expert, you should also think and plan specifically about the apartment and your desire. You should list in detail that you want only a sofa set and a tea table, a TV shelf in the living room so that the expert may estimate the cost you have to pay for furniture.


    Proactively talk about minimalist and modern design styles to optimize the cost.

    Prioritize the choice of “lump sum” design, which is both cost-saving and having attractive promotion and warranty policies.

    Supervise the design and construction process: “Why I have to supervise when I choose the lump sum”. You probably think so, but the supervision here is not related to the technical supervision. In the process of deploying furniture, you may have some new ideas, or you may see the actual construction, thereby you may supplement or revise immediately what you do not like.

    Especially, TPhome has successfully applied the project progress management software for customers of interior design & construction, now you do not need to spend time every afternoon or evening going construction site, just sitting at home and clicking, the data shall be constantly updated by the engineers (including actual construction images). Thereby, you may feedback directly or contribute ideas to the construction team on the software of TPhome.


    Designs for apartments completed by TPhome:

    1. Design of 1-bedroom apartment for rent:


    2. Design of 2-bedroom apartment for rent:


    3. Design of 3-bedroom apartment for rent:


    If you have demand of design advice for apartment for rent, or want to find the best solutions and generate the best profits, please contact the TPhome hotline: 0853.010.010, please call us so that our professional team may share and answer your concerns.